Many people suffer with bowel problems which can range from faecal incontinence (leakage from the back passage), urgency, constipation or a feeling that the bowel doesn’t empty properly. It is estimated that between 1-10% of adults are affected by faecal incontinence (NICE guidelines 2007). The problems can be caused by weak pelvic floor muscles following pregnancy/childbirth, the ageing process or long term straining to open the bowel. Poor diet and fluid intake can also play a part in an unhappy bowel.

Pelvic health physiotherapy focuses on a holistic approach to bowel problems and will not only assess your pelvic floor muscles, working with you to tailor a specific exercise programme, but will also offer advice and management on diet, lifestyle and correct toilet habits.

How toilet posture can help ease bowel problems such as constipation and haemorrhoids

If you suffer with bowel problems such as difficulty emptying your bowel or constipation then a simple change of toilet position is highly recommended by Pelvic Health Physiotherapists. Sitting correctly will not only help you to empty your bowel properly but will also place less strain on your pelvic floor muscles which will weakened by excessive straining. Healthy living site,, have put together this really informative article that shows why toilet posture is important. [urlpreviewbox url=""/]

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